Another reason to get married and throw a party!

money weddingI think that we can all agree that this is the best time in history to buy a home.  However, one of the main stumbling blocks in being able to do so is coming up with some savings for a down payment and/or closing costs.  Although there are ways to buy a home with no money, the restrictions of these programs may not fit your needs.  So here are some great ways to get your hands on the funds you need.

Have you been thinking of getting married?  Most loan programs allow you to receive gift funds from family in order to contribute to your home purchase.  Unfortunately, not all of us have a relative that can gift a lump sum of monies to help us out.  So why not get married and have a party?  There is a company that will create a wedding registry where your friends and family can “gift” you monies to go towards the purchase of your house.  After all, who really needs a chafing dish?  To start the process, just visit  You can create your wedding page and then invite all of your friends and family to contribute.  Soon enough, you will be honeymooning in your new home!

Not looking to get married any time soon?  No problem.  There is a general gift registry available as well.  Same concept, you just ask your friends and family for help in obtaining your new home.  Similar to GoFundMe, but for a home.  Baby on the way and need to move? No problem.  You would be surprised at how much money you can raise from those that care about you.  To set up a registry like this, you can visit  Complete your page, and let everyone know about it!

There are many other ways that you can save up for a down payment.  You may even have the money available to you but never even knew it!  Do you have an IRA or 401k?  You can make a withdraw for your home purchase from these funds with no or very little tax implications for a home purchase.  The Roth IRA has benefits specifically for home buying.  Click here for more information about withdrawing money from these retirement programs.

As I said before, there is a way that you can buy with no money down and you can structure the transaction so that the seller can pay for all of your closing costs.  It is possible to buy a home with very little money, even in this market.  Here is proof you can buy a home with only $300.  Or, to see my record so far of a client buying a home for less than $1, just click here.

There are plenty of ways that you can save for that down payment.  I was always taught, “where there is a will, there is a way”!  But you need to make the decision that this is what you want.  Once you have that mindset, you will be unstoppable!


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