PA Seasons – Fall, Winter, Road Construction!

road_workHow many detours can one person take?  It seems that everywhere you go, there is some type of road construction going on.  309, Sumneytown Pike, the Turnpike, 202, etc.  I am sure that this is all being done to increase traffic flow and ultimately, increase time home with our families.  However, WTH is going on?  Well, here are some highlights of area projects that are temporarily clogging up the roadways and forcing us to use “the backroads”.

309 Connector

This roadway is being constructed in order to connect Exit 31 of the Northeast Extension to Route 309 in order to alleviate traffic congestion in a 5 county area.  This project is scheduled for completion August of 2013.  I am sure you have seen the new road being constructed as you enter the Turnpike from the West.  And yes, it runs behind the twin churches and completely bypasses the small town of Mainland…I am sure those business owners are elated…not!  Here is a map of the project and you can visit the website for more information.

Holy Turnpike Expansion Batman!!

Currently, the 10.5 mile stretch of the turnpike from the Lansdale Interchange to Mid-County is two-lanes wide with little to no median and small shoulders, sounds like my 52 pound soon-to-be 9 year old!  Anyway, this section of the turnpike is on a strict bulk-up diet and will soon be 3 12 foot lanes northbound AND southbound with a whopping 26 foot median, complete with 12 foot shoulders!  This thing is gonna be huge!  This is why all of the overpass bridges need to be replaced and widened.  The good part is that this will allow emergency vehicles clear access to one of the most heavily traveled roadways in Eastern PA.  Anyone who has been stuck on the turnpike during an unfortunate accident will be thankful, in time.  Why do they not waive the toll when you sit in one spot for 3 hours? This one is gonna take a while so for updates and further info, visit this website.

The 202 “Parkway”

They call Route 76 the Schuylkill Expressway, that it is not.  Hoping that calling this the 202 Parkway is a similar oxymoron.  This 9 mile stretch of new pavement will connect Route 63 in Montgomery Township to Route 611 in Doylestown.  This has been in the works for years with much controversy from residents.  However, it is here and no longer a myth.  Even I got burnt on this one when my family picked a quiet hilltop in the St John Neumann cemetary for my father and sister’s resting place.  They will now be a few hundred feet from this new roadway, sorry guys.  Check out the way cool zoomable map and website for details and updates.  Just what I need, a quicker way to get to Costco.

With growth in our community comes change.  When my family moved from Norristown to Upper Gwynedd in 1976, there was one stop light the entire length of Morris Road from 202 to 363.  Now, 8?  Although currently, these and other maintenance projects are an inconvenience when scooting around, ultimately, they will help us get where we need to go in less time and more safely.  When you are looking to purchase a new home, make sure you check out your surroundings for these types of expansion.  “Backing to open space” could change in the future, so make sure you do your homework!

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