Pricing Your Home

Selling real estate is made of up three components:  Price, Condition and Location.  There are three factors that should be considered when pricing your home for sale.

Location – You know what they say, location, location, location.  This has a huge factor on the sale price of your home and there is not much you can do to control that.  How is the neighborhood, how are the schools, are there any environmental distractions nearby?  These are all questions that potential buyers will be looking at.  Things like busy roads and power lines will ultimately decrease the pool of buyers interested in your home and ultimately, the price.

Condition – How is the condition of your property?  This is one aspect that you DO have control over.  Do you know of things that have been on the “honey do” list that are still not completed?  Do them!  It is amazing how far a coat of paint will go.  Fresh paint yields the biggest return for your investment.  Also, kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.  Make sure they are spotless!  The better the condition, the more likely you are to sell faster and for more money!

Price – This is what it all boils down to.  This is why we will provide you with comparable properties that have sold close to your location, with similar amenities and condition.  We will sit down together and analyze the information we provide.  We will factor in this information along with your plans and goals so that we can accomplish them.

The desired end result, of course, is to find a price that will attract a willing and able buyer in a reasonable time.  Once the value of your home has been determined, you can decide on an offering price that will achieve your goals.  Generally, the price should not exceed the value by more than 5% or potential buyers may not even make offers.

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