Can’t Find What You Want? Build It!

New Construction in Montgomery County, PAAre you frustrated that you have not found that perfect home for you?  Have you exhausted the market looking and nothing clicks for you?  Well, there is still hope.  Just build it!

There are a good deal of homes on the market, however, 38% of the homes available are short sales, foreclosures, bank owned, or distressed properties.  Even of the ones that are in great shape, there may be something about them that you do not connect with.  Maybe you know exactly what you want in a house and have been visualizing it every night in your dreams.

One way to get the perfect house is to create it!  Whether you find some house plans online, or hire an architect to put your thoughts onto paper, you are assured to get exactly what you want.  Currently, the cost of building is slightly higher than buying an existing home, however, you will not have to “settle” if you know what you want. Your choice of layout, cabinets, bedroom sizes, flooring, colors, etc.  The list of choices is as long as you want, and can afford.

The process is relatively simple, it’s the fact that there are many people involved that make it difficult!  I highly recommend obtaining a builder, general contractor, or construction manager to oversee everything.  If you want to be the general contractor, be prepared to lose hair and years off of your life managing everything!  Once you have the plans, the land you want, and have checked with the Township to make sure you can build what you want where you want, financing should be the next step.

Once the financing is in place, your builder will apply for the permits, and coordinate the start of construction.  Be patient, whenever you enter the government into anything, it can slow things down, haha.  Also, good old Mother Nature has a way of delaying things as well.

Soon enough, you will have your perfect little piece of the American Dream to call home.  Make sure you do not go too crazy when customizing your house.  I have seen some pretty bizarre things out there so even though you may plan on living there forever, make sure you don’t over do it!

If you want to learn more about building your new home, just let me know, I would be happy to help.  You can start today by searching for vacant land here.

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