Tractor Supply, STS Auto & Giant Gas Coming to Harleysville!

Shops of HarleysvilleThe Shoppes of Harleysville Shopping Center in Harleysville, PA will be getting some new neighbors soon.  Currently, there is a traffic light and the intersection of Route 113 and Park Avenue that also leads to the rear entrance of the shopping center that houses Walmart, Giant, Radio Shack, Harleysville Mattress, Great Clips, GNC Store, Zachs Pizza, JJ Asian Cuisine, and Parks Royal Cleaners.  But there is a lot of land left at that location, and it will soon be filled up with more retail shops to serve the community.
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Who was Smoking What When They Came Up with Montgomery County’s Real Estate Tax System?

PropertyTax_jpg_800x1000_q100Welcome to Montgomery County.  A beautiful County filled with great people, tons of things to do, a perfect location close to the hustle & bustle of Philadelphia, weekend hikes & winter skiing in the Poconos, & a short drive to the beauty, peacefulness & tranquility of the Jersey Shore.  It really is a great place to call home.  However, Montgomery County has one of those black sheep, also shared with its neighbors in the Commonwealth.  Real Estate taxes.  What were they thinking when they came up with this system?

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The Importance of Real Estate Photography – From Clicking to Closing

Ashlee Hall ext picAt least 88% of prospective home buyers use the internet as an informational resource during their real estate search ( With popular real estate syndication sites such as, and as well as social media networks, consumers are able to proactively find properties on their own.  It doesn’t stop at the computer. 63% of online searches result in a property walkthrough.

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Do I need an attorney to buy a home in PA?

real estate attorney, montgomery county, pa, harleysville, towamencin, blue bell, real estate lawyerAnother common question that that is asked by home buyers is whether or not you need an attorney when buying a home in Pennsylvania.  There are many states that require an attorney and sometimes, it is just common practice.  In Pennsylvania, we are special:  we are one of only 5 commonwealth’s in the country, our local and school taxes have the most bizarre billing and payment schedules, and we have some crazy stupid laws. But do you need an attorney? [Read more…]

2011 Housing Market Stats for Montgomery County PA

Market statsHappy New Year!  Here we are at the end of another year in Montgomery County.  So how did the real estate market fair this year?  Check out this end of year wrap-up video for the details. [Read more…]

Montgomery County Budget Cuts Threaten Our Parks!

budgetIt’s out…the proposed 2012 Montgomery County budget.  Good news is, no tax increase for residents.  Bad news is, some of the finest parts of the County are in jeopardy of losing their funding or being completely eliminated!   [Read more…]

It used to be Mainland, now, look out for tumbleweeds.

MainlandThe zip code was 19450.  The town is called Mainland.  Situate between Towamencin and Harleysville on Sumneytown Pike, Route 63, just off of exit 31 of the Northeast Extension of the PA Turnpike, this quaint, cozy little village had a daily traffic count of 22,000 cars a day.  Pretty good exposure for a small town.  Well, that has changed rather quickly! [Read more…]

Montgomery County Market Update

MarketStatisticsDo you watch the news?  All that you see about housing these days is how horrible the real estate market is.  Why does everyone always focus on the negative?  Oh yeah, ratings.  They prey on the bads news; maybe in some weird way it makes us feel better about ourselves.  However, what is happening in one neighborhood, in one city, in one state, does not represent what is happening across the country as a whole! [Read more…]

Fall Festivities in Montgomery County

Pumpkins merrymeadI love summer!  Unfortunately, it does not last too long in our area, at least it seems to fly by.  However, fall isn’t too bad.  And from what I hear, it is a favorite with most people.  So what is it that makes fall so special?  Apple cider, cinnamon sticks, hayrides, caramel apples, pumpkin picking?  Well you can find all of those things occurring right here in Montgomery County, PA! [Read more…]

The Future of Towamencin

Future of Towamencin Township, Montgomery County, PA

Future of Towamencin Township, Montgomery County, PA

The “Bridge From Nowhere To Nowhere”.  We have all heard about his at some point over the years.  A few years ago, PENNDOT widened Forty Foot Road to be 4 lanes wide with a center turn lane.  During the process, they constructed a huge pedestrian bridge that was very controversial in the Township because it did not connect anything!  It currentlygoes from field to field and no one uses it.  Many people saw this as a waste of money and the village of Kulpsville, right off of Exit 31 of the Northeast Extension of Route 476, was up in arms.  Well, that will soon be changing. [Read more…]

Better Be Flexible When Buying a Short Sale

Short SalesThe Short Sale…this has become a household  term in today’s real estate market.  What is it?  This occurs when the owner of a property owes more on the house than it is currently worth on the open market.  When this owner needs to move, they request the lien holder to take less than what they owe, in order to facilitate a sale of the property.  Currently, 32% of our market consists of short sale listings, however, there are a bunch of agents who are not setting the right expectations to their clients in regards to short sales, for both buyers and sellers. [Read more…]

PA Seasons – Fall, Winter, Road Construction!

road_workHow many detours can one person take?  It seems that everywhere you go, there is some type of road construction going on.  309, Sumneytown Pike, the Turnpike, 202, etc.  I am sure that this is all being done to increase traffic flow and ultimately, increase time home with our families.  However, WTH is going on?  Well, here are some highlights of area projects that are temporarily clogging up the roadways and forcing us to use “the backroads”.

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